Swimming pool demolition is a great way to free up a piece of ground for a garden, water feature, or other landscaping project. Here at Ultimate Construction, we have been removing unwanted pools for more than 20 years. We have the tools and the experience to do the job right, at a price you can afford. Here is what you can expect when you trust us with this important task:

  1. We will begin your swimming pool demolition project by breaking your unwanted pool into manageable pieces that we can haul away. We can also dismantle pipes, pumps, and other hardware, disposing of it in accordance with current environmental regulations.
  2. Sometimes sunken or depressed ground is a problem in an area where a pool used to stand. To ensure this doesn’t happen on your property, will add new soil one layer at a time, tamping each level down as we go.
  3. When we’re done, you will have a pristine piece of land that you can use for any purpose you desire.

Normally, we can accomplish swimming pool demolition in a 2 to 3 day timeframe, provided that weather conditions are amenable. We’d be happy to tailor a swimming pool demolition plan to the specifics of your site – just call us to arrange a site visit and free quote.

Besides swimming pool demolition, we also perform a wide range of construction-related work, such as sod replacement, grading and landscaping, drain and pipe installation, foundation and footing excavation, and road construction. Our owner, David McGill, has over two decades of experience in this line of work. His expertise is your assurance that your work will be performed correctly and within your budget. Plus, we will gladly furnish references from past customers. So call us today to get the ball rolling.